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I have over 100 published articles in travel, money and personal finance, writing, empowerment, music, career development, lifestyle, and interviews. Here are a few of my pieces.

Travel Publications

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Most of my travel writing focuses on cultural and unique experiences. I am passionate about travel, and my goal is to use travel writing to help people think differently to better connect to the world around them. 

I hope my words inspire you to learn more about the people and places in new countries and cities. Below is a list of some of my articles. Click on the title to read the full article.


In Panama, Finding Connection and Community Through Dancing

 The extra responsibility I carry travel as a Black Woman


 How lived in paradise for $600 a month

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Afro-Mexicans

Money and Personal Finance


Lifestyle & Empowerment Articles

As a writer, one of my goals is to inspire and empower readers to lead a happier way of life. Below are some of my lifestyle and empowerment articles. Click on the titles to read them

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