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Content Writing Services

​As a Freelance Writer, my goal is to work with companies, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to produce written content that tells their unique stories and connects to their audiences.

We live in a world of digital overstimulation. If your content doesn't stand out if your copy can't connect to your audience your business won't survive. . My content writing services will help you transform your content to speak directly to your targeted audience. Let's work together to tell your story. I offer the following content writing and content editing services

Newsletter Writing/ Email Campaigns

Let me create for you emails that your leads are excited to open and never get overlooked. Let's turn your emails into an intimate conversation with you and your audience.


Blog Writing and Blog Editing

If your website is missing a blog you are potentially missing out on clients. Blogs are a great way to bring new leads to your business by providing solutions that your target audience is looking for. If you have a blog and it's not getting read, maybe you need to add some flavor and SEO to your content.

My services can either help you create an amazing  SEO blog that attracts your ideal customers or help you enhance the blog content you already have.


Article Writing

I create inspiring and educational articles for publication on the topics of travel personal finance, self-development, wellness, and empowerment, 

I currently am writing for Black Girl Nerds and BAUCE online publications in the areas of travel, empowerment, and personal development. I am open to interviewing or writing about individuals( primarily WOC ) and businesses in these categories.


Content Editing

Perhaps  you have all the content but it's not bringingyou the results that you want. Whether it's web content. blog onetent, and articles, cover letter, pich, etc Ic an edit your content so that it captivating and engaining. 

Let's Work Together

Need a writer, let's chat. Send me an email at

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