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You either love the life you lead, or you don't. Every single person has been inspired by something or someone. Inspiration is crucial to the creation of new ideas, innovations, and simply living a life filled with purpose and joy. The problem is that for most, inspiration only lasts a few weeks or a few months. Many people lose their inspiration and end up living a life wishing they had gone after their dreams.
Kiersten noticed this too when she moved abroad and started sharing her adventures. Over the past three years, Kiersten took the inspiration she felt and took action to create a life she loves. Kiersten has been published in Travel Noire, Passion Passport, The Finacial Diet, and many more publications along with running a coaching business, living in the jungles of Panama, and is currently living her best life in Spain. In her book "So You're Inspired, Now What?" she shows readers how to not only be inspired but to use that inspiration to get what they want out of life.

So You're Inspired, Now what?

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