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Teaching in Spain as a Black American Language Assistant

There are many teaching English programs in Spain. For the last three years and through the pandemic I taught in Spain with programs such as ConversSpain and the Ministry Program.

In this post, I share some videos, additional tips, and resources on my experience teaching in Spain.

Continue reading and watching to learn more about the life of a language assistant or Auxiallary of Conversation and learn if it's the right move for you.

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Additional tips

  1. You don't need teaching experience but it's good to have practice and come ready with a list of games, activities, and resources because mid-year if you haven't taught before you might run out of ideas.

  2. Connect with other language assistants who have worked at your school. You can do this through Facebook groups. That way you have a better idea of what to accept.

  3. Start looking for opportunities outside of the aux program, whether that be working at an academy, working online, or private tutoring. The Aux program is helpful to get you started but it may not be enough to sustain long-term plans.

Things to ask yourself to make your life easier

  1. Am I prepared to spend some time alone before I start connecting with other people?

  2. How am I at setting boundaries in places and with people I'm familiar with? Will I be able to set boundaries in a new environment?

  3. What are rituals or habits I can do that will keep me grounded and happy in my new life abroad?

Comment below what you found more helpful about this post, and stay tuned for part 3, the Pros and Cons of being a language assistant in Spain.

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