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What I wrote about in Janurary 2024

Dear January,

I was scared of you, to be honest.


You brought me so many new changes. Not just a new year.

You brought me

  • a new apartment

  • visa renewal

  • new writing opportunity

  • new job potentials

  • new people

It was a lot of changes in a 30 day period.

But here I am January 30th alive, and well and ready to make this year better than the last.

I'm excited to continue pursuing my goals and intentions.

One of my biggest take aways from you was to embrace change, even when it's scary.

Publications from this month

Here are some things I wrote about this month.

Personal development

How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself In 2024

Comment below on how you're going to be the best version of yourself this year

Business/ Entprenuership

5 Reasons Why More Black Women Should Consider Starting A Microbusiness

Did you know that one of my first microbusinesses was teaching dance classes? One day, I mentioned to my tap teacher that I was looking to make some extra money, and she invited me to substitute for her class. From there, I started teaching tap classes, hip-hop classes, belly dancing, classes, and yoga.

Women Empowerment

A Second Look at the Resignation of Harvard’s First Black President


5 Ways to Travel More in 2024

Africa Is Moving Toward More Visa-Free Travel, and What That Means for Tourists

16 Fun Things to Do in Glorious Granada, Spain

I'd love to know your travel plans for the year. Share in the comments below. And if you need any travel tips, feel free to ask.


Buy Now Pay Later: Ditch This Trend In 2024

Why You Should Consider A Certificate Of Deposit In 2024

To read more from me, check out my ebook.

Tagline: My name is Kiersten, and I'm an evergreen freelance writer who writes SEO articles that encourage readers to think differently.

I am available for

  • Blog writing

  • Article writing

  • Newsletter writing

Email me or send me a message if you're in need of evergreen content.

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