I started financial planning and it was the best decision I have ever made!

I was raised in a family that showed love by buying things for each other and that “having money” proved your worth. When I found Kiki, I realized how emotionally attached I am to my money, and that adjusting the way you think about money helps manifest a better relationship with it.

Rynie Sasser

I am not as uptight as I was about money before talking with you.

One thing that stood out to me during our sessions was to clearly communicate the value of my books and courses... for example, one previous client bought four courses from me in one day. 


The session was so eye-opening for me... it really blew my mind and got me thinking.

Especially thinking back to why I feel such a strong sense of independence around money. Thanks for your validating, patient energy.

Emily O.

 I dug a little deeper.. I realized that the “never-enoughness” isn’t about the money. It’s about me

Like I’m actually a money boss. But overall I never have felt like I am and still experience stress around money. 

Hope Griffin

Reading your testimonials and seeing the results you’ve achieved, let’s me know I am on the right path!

The content you share makes me re-examine my own unhealthy feelings, thoughts and behaviors concerning money. The tips I’ve read from your emails have been invaluable. They align and validate the recent practices I have adopted in order to have a healthier relationship with money.

Jayie S.