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Travel Article Round Up

Summer is here, and you're probably itching to travel. Before you hop on that plane, train or bus, here's some travel advice I'd like you to know. I've written a few articles on budget travel, supporting local and black businesses, and ways to travel for free. Check out the article below and comment on which piece of advice you're going to take into account.

How to plan a luxury girl's trip on a budget

You don't have to sacrifice pleasure and luxury when you travel. Here's how you can afford a good time without sacrificing safety and comfort.

check out the article here

( Althea,Spain)

3 Ways To Secure Free Accommodations While Traveling

Here's a way to cut back on one of the biggest expenses while traveling

( Meditating on the beach in Costa Rica)

5 Ways to Plan Your Summer Trip to Support Black-Owned Businesses

Black businesses are global, and by supporting them, we are helping families and friends and, overall, helping to enrich the culture.

( Thai food in Madrid, Spain)


My name is Kiersten, and I'm a freelance travel writer who specializes in travel advice, cultural travel, and responsible tourism. I work with travel brands to help them enhance their written content and connect with future customers.

If you're a travel brand looking to boost your written content, send me a message, and let's see how we can collaborate.

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