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Soul Food, PRIDE, and My Birthday: June is the month for celebrations.

June has always been a special month for me.


It's the start of summer

School is out

And it's my birthday month.

For my 33rd year of life, I celebrated by indulging myself in my favorite things, such as massages, pancakes, marvel movies, and juicy, tasty shrimp. And in honor of me, I wanted to share one of my favorite photos of myself.

Taken when I was 30, and yes I can still do this posture, it represents this new chapter in my life.

This posture in yoga is called " Compass"

So when I look at this photo, I'm reminded that I'm my own compass.

That when I come to a crossroad, when I'm pressured to follow the crowd, I know to turn inward and let my highest self be my guide.

June is also a month to celebrate Juneteenth and National Soul Food Month.

And we can't forget that it's PRIDE MONTH as well.

Here is what I've been writing about this month

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to celebrate PRIDE around the world?

Now you don't have to wonder. Check out my article in partnership with kayak on the best places around the world to wave the rainbow flag.

"When you think of Soul food, you might think of creamy mac and cheese, the smell of cayenne pepper, or the popping sound of oil. Yet it’s more than that."

So many people that I've met who live abroad think that American food is all hot dogs and burgers.

They are not completely wrong becuase there is a richer and dare I say taster cuisine in the states known as Soul food. To learn more about Soul food and different ways to celebrate this month check out my article.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But when someone is profiting from that imitation is a fair to the source of that inspiration?

That's what happened on TikTok. For all my gen X and millennial readers, there were practically virtual wars and stand-offs in the TikTok space because people copied certain dance moves and weren't giving credit to the original creditors.( there's more to the story than that)

And most original creditors were Black. So yea, White people were again stealing from Black people. So TikTok has implemented a new creditor tool to hopefully help creditors get the support the and credit they deserve.

Read more about this development here.

As a writer and a journalist, I'm always open to collaborating with others on article ideas and quotes. Feel free to send me a message to see how we can connect.

If you're looking to read more of my content and learn about how I got started with my freelance writing business, sign up for my newsletter by clicking here.

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