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September Publications and Experiences

September has come and gone and I hope that you've listened to the Earth, Wind, and Fire song at least once.

September was quite an eventful month for me as it started with a wedding that took place in a cave and ended with a birthday party in the woods and there was actually a cave as well.

Amongst all that, there was a lot of writing. Here is what was published

For my business friends and entrepreneurs check out this article on getting clients

Looking for a side hustle? Check out audiobook narration and how to get started

Is a 12-month emergency fund realistic Maybe, maybe not. Check out the article to find out

Ever wonder what it would be like to work for the NBA? Check the blog where I interviewed an NBA employee who isn't the biggest basketball fan but still loves what she does.

Is social media hurting or helping the travel industry? Here's my article to give you some perspective.

Total number of published articles: 112+

Total number of interviews 30+

As a writer and a journalist i"m always looking to collaborate with others. If you have a unique story around business, empowerment, travel, and lifestyle feel free to connect with me.

If you're needing SEO and engaging content for your blog, newsletters, website or social media check out my writing services.

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