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Redefine your productivity: Get more done and feel better about yourself

Productivity seems to be the thing that everyone wants but few rarely achieve.

We often go to bed with things checked off our to-do list yet we still worry about all the things we have yet to get done.

If productivity has been a problem for you, let's self-reflect.

Chances are you've tried the timers, the 90-minute focus sessions, etc.

Perhaps those techniques have worked for you but they haven't gotten you in the flow. Has following some random productivity technique you've googled, gotten you in the zone so that you're not just getting work done but you're feeling good and doing your BEST work?

Here are some coaching audios that I created to help you be more productive along with some additional resources to figure out how to help yourself be more productive.

When you think about what you didn't get done today before you start worrying stop and think.

Did it need to be done today?

Is there still time to get it done?

Forgive yourself and let it go

This is super hard for me to do. Even as I type this blog, I'm low-key multitasking. But multitasking stops us from getting into the flow. It prevents us from being fully connected and doing our BEST work. So before you switch over tabs, take a breath and keep focusing. Give yourself small targets. For example, send 4 emails before you make a phone call. Or edit two papers before answering an email.

Repeat after me: One thing at a time!

Here is a video from my coach and best friend about getting more things done in less time. And some notes to reflect on.

Consume what inspires you. A lot of the time times we consume are things that add to our worry and fear.

How long can you work for and still keep the same quality of work?

If this post was helpful for you, leave a comment and tell me what your takeaway was. If you want to dive deeper and learn how to get into the flow and be your most productive self let's hop onto a free coaching call.

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