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How to make good money by working less:

What if you could have a 20 percent increase in your salary by doing the least amount of work?

During my Mastermind, a woman shared that she went from making around $65,000 a year to $89,000 a year by doing the bare minimum.

No, she wasn’t lazy, she didn't cheat, and she didn't hire someone to do her work. I know that’s what you were thinking.

If the old me had heard this story, I would have been so angry, so annoyed but deep down so very envious. Because I believed that there was this unwritten rule of life that you must work hard to make a lot of money.

That if you’re not sacrificing your time and some aspect of your life, you’re doing something wrong.

I used to think this way because it was what I saw repeatedly. From my parents to teachers, to aunts to employers, all working non-stop so they can provide for their families, live in a nice house, drive a nice car, and have all the material things that seemingly equaled a good life.

Then recently something was said in my Mastermind “Little work but tremendous value”

What does that mean to you? ( go ahead and pause for a moment and think about it) Doing little work but providing tremendous value.

After hearing that and discussing the power behind those words, I created a new mantra

Minimum Effort Maximum Value

This is about doing two things.

  1. Doing the work that is energizing, fun, passionate, and inspired. This means when I’m “working” for example when I’m coaching or writing, I’m not forcing anything. I’m in this natural state of flow. The work seems effortless. It’s easy because I’m doing what I'm good at, dare I say great at. It’s the work that connects to my purpose, my passion and makes me happy.

  2. Asking for the money: Doing this doesn’t make you greedy. Would you walk into your hairdresser’s salon and expect them to give you a free wash and style just because? Yet you allow that friend or coworker or friend of friend to seek your advice and wisdom, They take up your time, and energy with your compensation. You tell yourself you’re doing them a favor, you’re just lending a helping hand. But in reality, you’re giving them a service for free.

Side note: You can still do a favor or help someone, but when doing a favor for someone you shouldn't feel regretful or rethink it. It should feel good, not strenuous.

So how do you start making this shift and transform into the person that’s living their life and making great money by doing what they love?

It starts with a conversation. A free 30-minute call with me will set you on the path to a future with less work and more money, Just click here to get started.

And stay tuned for part 2, as I’ll be sharing with you more practical tips on how to ask for the money.

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