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How to become a digital nomad: Beginners guide on how to financially prepare

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Before starting your nomadic life it's important to get your finances together. The video below gives you exceptional advice for getting started from two professional digital nomads. In addition, I give you practical tips to apply what you'll learn in the video.

1. Cut the expenses that you don’t need and that don’t bring you joy

Before I moved abroad, I was a shoe and legging hoarder. Especially boots. I loved my boots. Did I need 12 pairs of boots, especially when it’s sunny in California most of the year? No. Same with leggings. I swear Target was secretly spying on me because every time I went in to buy a few things, they would have some leggings on sale. So, of course, I bought two or three pairs. Sometimes they wouldn’t fit right, sometimes they would only last a few months. But the biggest issue was that I didn’t need 18 pairs of leggings. But I created a habit of buying these unnecessary things, which really only brought me temporary joy.

Ask yourself what’s one expense that you can cut that isn’t bringing you joy, and that has become a bad habit that doesn’t support your goal.

  1. Keep the expenses that add value to your life

If getting your nails done every two weeks has a positive impact on your energy and how you feel about yourself, then don’t cut that expense. Money exists to allow us to experience the good things in life. I remember when I had just moved to Spain and my income was fluctuating. I bought a 20 euro candle. Some of you might be rolling your eyes at me now, but I had absolutely no regrets about that purchase. And I’ve continued to buy my 20 euro Tuberose and Jasmine candle because it brings value to my life. Scents have a powerful influence on my life. Smelling a good scent is almost like listening to my favorite song. It makes me feel happy and hopeful. And when my mind is operating from that place of happiness and joy, then I’m more motivated to work, and I see potential money-making opportunities. All in all, I just feel good.

What’s a purchase you’ve made recently that’s added value to your life?

If you're ready to start your digital nomad journey, get your money mindset right, and let's do a free 30 minute Money Magic Call.

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