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How to make money doing what you love

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

I’m going to tell you very simply how to make money, good money, by doing what you love. I have a feeling you may be making good money, but you don’t love the work.

Who’s seen the movie, Matilda? If not, go on Netflix and watch one of my favorite childhood movies.

In the movie, there is a cheesy car salesman who sells broken-down, barely functioning cars for 10 times what they are worth. And he says something like, ”People don’t buy the car, they buy me.”

Pretty much it’s his charisma that gets people to say yes. And even though he is a crook, there is something of value to learn from him.

Whatever it is that you love, whether you love coaching or teaching or designing or knitting, you have to do one thing: You have to start valuing that thing that you love.

I’ve seen many entrepreneurs who have started their businesses because “they love helping people, they love working with women, or they love nutrition.” But that love will only go so far because:

People put money towards things they value.

That's what money is, an extension of the things we value. It can also be an extension of our anxiety, our fears, and our hopes and dreams, but that’s another post.

Think about the last things you spent money on. Most likely you found some value in whatever it is that you purchased.

One of my mantras is: People pay me for being me.

And yes, that's true.

What I mean is that I’m good at what I do, and I work really hard to offer my clients/students the best I can. I’ve had three returning students in the last two months because the students like the way I teach. I’ve also gotten people I’ve had zero connection with to pay me because:

One, I saw the value in my work, and two, I communicated that value.

So if your dream is to one day make money doing what you love, start seeing the value in what you love doing.

And start seeing your value!

What’s your value?

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