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August Publications

August was an adventurous month for me!

Did you meet a donkey, spend 8 hours at the beach, travel across Spain, and live out of an overpacked suitcase as I did?

If not, please feel free to share your adventures with me, whether they are crazier or calmer than mine.

Amongst the madness I just mentioned, I was also writing.

Because since June, I've been a full-time freelance writer. ( and accepting clients)

I would feel so honored if you clicked on and read one of the articles I wrote last month.

I'm sure they will inspire and help you in some way.

Interview With Tara Roberts: The Scuba Diving Book Nerd Who Documents Slave Ships

Beyonce’s Album ‘Renaissance’ Has Been Under Attack but Why?

11 Tips For How To Ace An Interview

How To Get More Clients By Creating A Buyer Persona

In my community, I dive deeper into these topics and offer coaching advice on the topics of money, career development, travel, and empowerment.

if you'd like to join the community click the link below.

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