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Public Speaking

Kiersten is a captivating public speaker dedicated to empowering individuals to take action, explore innovative ideas, and embrace a mindset of fearless questioning. Skilled in the art of conversation, Kiersten'sdynamic presence sparks a flame of inspiration that encourages individuals to think differently and explore new possibilities.

YouTube Interviews

Podcast interview: Black Women Travel Podcast

In this chapter, Kiersten talks about not fitting neatly into boxes, and how travel was a way for her to experience the fullness of herself. She says journaling and seeing other Black women traveling and reshaping their identities helped her to feel more at home in herself. Kiersten started off her journey teaching English to support herself while abroad and tells us about the conversations that led her to becoming a financial and relocation coach for women of color. She shares a bit about her relationships with folks back home and while living abroad, gives her best money mindset advice, and gets into her ideas of the relationship between the mind and the body.

Podcast Interview: Love Teaching, Will Travel

As a guest on this podcast, KJ interviewed me on my experience teaching English in Spain and how i I moved from a student visa to my autonomo status. 

Podcast Interview: Expat State of Mind

As a guest on this podcast, I was interviewed about my experience moving to Panama and Spain. I give listeners practical advice on moving from one country to the next and living a brand-new and exciting life.

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