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I've written 50+ published articles in the areas of Travel, Personal Finance, Wellness, Lifestyle, Personal Development, and Empowerment. As well as features in several podcasts and YouTube Channels. 

The Finacial Diet: The journaling technique that fixed my relationship with money 

Let me start by saying: I am not a “Type-A” person. I am not one of those people who gets excited by, say, creating Excel sheets. I’m more of a creative. I like words, letters, and stories. This is why I’ve always had zero enthusiasm when it comes to budgeting.

Travel Noire:How To Safely Stay At An AirBnB During The Pandemic

The European Union has closed its borders to the U.S. but luckily for ex-pats like myself, we’re allowed to cautiously travel within the EU.  To satisfy my wanderlust, I decided to visit Spain, utilizing Airbnbs while traveling throughout the country.

Clever Girl Finance: How To Attract Money Into Your Life 

So what attracts money? Many of us have heard about the concept of attracting money. Spiritual books and messages from media gurus, have us believing that attracting money is a magical process. That we can simply think about money, and suddenly our bank accounts are overflowing.

However, attracting money isn’t as mystical as it seems. 

BAUCE: The Five Mentors You Need And How To Find Them

Whether you want to start your own business, move up the corporate ladder, or be a BAUCE, a mentor can help pave the way for your success. But in today’s highly competitive world, having just one mentor is doing the bare minimum. According to CEO and author Anthony Tjan, you need five different mentors. If you’re wondering what you can achieve with five mentors, here are the different types and how to find them.

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