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How much do you need to start a new life abroad?

Through my traveling consultation and travel coaching, this is the number ONE question I get all the time. And this is often the biggest thing that holds many women back from taking the leap abroad, In this video, I break down the international moving costs and how much you'll need to live abroad.

It's a short video jam-packed with information. Make sure you grab a pen and paper. And after watching scroll down for some helpful questions and resources to apply what you're learning in the video.

Next steps

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  1. Think about how long you want to be abroad? If it's one year, you can save for that. If you want to move indefinitely, you'll want to look at creating a stream or multiple sreams of income.

  2. Visas: If you want to avoid this whole process, travel to places that have long-term tourist visas such as Albania and Panama. Here is a list of other countries

3. The most important thing you can do right now is to understand your finances. What money habits do you have now that might carry over into your life abroad? Do have positive habits such as automatically saving or living below your means? Or are you a compulsive spender? Yes, the cost of living can be lower in other countries but paying $2 for a beer isn't going to help you save or have more money at the end of the day.

If you are ready to move abroad but, you need to get your finances together?

Are you looking to start working online, but don't know where to start.

Book a travel consultation with me and we'll

- create your ideal budget to move abroad

- identify which online or freelance career will help you sustain your life abroad

- create a plan for moving abroad

Click below to schedule your travel consultation

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