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2022 Is Not Your Year: Here's how to stop lying to yourself for the New Year

We act like a different number on a piece of paper is going to magically make all of our bad habits go away.

Maybe it’s the smell of those fresh 2022 planners. Maybe it’s because gym membership is at an all-time high. Or maybe some of us think that if we eat 12 grapes for New Year’s Eve will indeed bring us luck.

But really and truly, the new year means nothing.

We give it meaning because we are told to. Long ago, someone decided to start keeping track of days and time, and we just followed along.

Now I know you might be feeling some mixed emotions with the start of 2022. You might be feeling like someone took your hopes, dreams, fears, and anxiety, and put them in a blender.

Or is that just me?

But if you still have even an ounce of inspiration to make this year better than the last and to be a better version of yourself this year, then stick with me and keep reading.

Have you ever heard of the term “inspiration sliding scale”?

No? Well, I made it up so probably not. :)

This expression pretty much describes what happens when we get inspired: We hit the peak of our inspiration, we are just about to take action, but then fear takes over and we lose our momentum.

In my eBook, I show you the exact ways to overcome this fear when you feel it eating away at your inspiration.

But for now, I want to help you become more aware because awareness is the first step in making any type of change. Think of it like this: You can’t get rid of the mice if you don’t know that they’re there. (Don't ask me why a mouse analogy came to mind.)

When you get inspired, observe the cycle of your inspiration.

Do you get super excited and make a bunch of rash decisions? Do you tread lightly in a new direction? Do you just jump ship?

When you get that gut feeling to go out and make a difference, notice the thoughts that come into your mind. Write them down, talk about them, mentally record them, or do whatever feels right for you.

Do any thoughts of worry and fear come into your mind? You should definitely pay attention to those too.

For example, I might get inspired to make a new YouTube video. But after thinking, “I’m going to make the best YouTube video ever,” I have thoughts like, “What am I doing?” or “Is anyone really going to like this?” or “This idea doesn’t even make sense.”

All of these thoughts come from fear and self-doubt.

When I see those thoughts coming into the doorway of my mind, I can greet them at the forefront and say, ”Hey, I see you, but you’re not welcome here.”

With this awareness, you can start redirecting the trajectory of your life.

What’s inspired you today? What's inspiring you this year?

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